Rubik's Cube

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A Rubik's cube is a puzzle in the shape of a 3d cube. It was invented in 1974 and became a popular 80's toy.


The game consists in matching each cube's face with the same color.

External Resources

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Cube Solution Life Hack

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Otherwise, a fully detailed step-by-step guide is right here to read

Step 1

Make sure your cube is mixed if not, Congratulaions! You have solved the cube! If your cube IS mixed, simply pop out ONE CORNER PIECE and apply generous amounts of extra virgin olive oil (For lubrication). Then put the piece back in and apply heat to the cube to make sure the oil doesn't stick (I suggest using a lighter or a match). Now one you remember this simple pattern, the slippery oil will increase the speed of your solving time.

Step 2

Making sure that you HAVE Lubricated and heated your cube, you can now continue to step 2. To begin, you will need to solve the WHITE layer first (It does not matter if the outer layers don't match). once that has been complete you are going to make a Color sequence organizer. to make the color sequence organizer, you will need to first get a piece of wood (Preferably 10cm x 10cm) and cut a hole to fit your cube in. Thhen make a 'moat' around it by removing wood in the shape of a circle but not too deep that it goes through

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