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Legislators who served in the 1980s

  • Blackwell, Roger I. Buffalo D 6/7 1968-1969; 1974-1993
  • Bozer, Joan K. Buffalo R 10/4 1978-1995
  • Desmond, Joseph R. Eden D 12 1989-1990
  • Dusza, Raymond K. Cheektowaga D 8 1989-2005
  • Henry, Karl A. Hamburg R 12 1984-1989
  • Kuwik, Edward J. Lackawanna D 1 1983-2005
  • Manz, David M. Buffalo D 9/6 1978-1991
  • Marshall, Frederick J. Aurora R 13 1989-2000
  • Mazur, Thomas J. Cheektowaga D 5/8 1988-1993; 2006-2013
  • Mazurek, Henry M. Buffalo D 5 1984-1988
  • Meier, Robert H. West Seneca R 9 1982-1987
  • Mohr, Ralph M. Lancaster R 17 1983-1992
  • Pauly, William A. Town of Tonawanda/Amherst R 14 1976-2001
  • Pigeon, G. Steven West Seneca D 9 1988-1991
  • Ranzenhofer, Michael H.Amherst R 16/4 1989-2008
  • Rath, Mary Lou Amherst R 15 1978-1993
  • Reynolds, Thomas M. Concord R 13 1983-1988
  • Robinson, William F. Buffalo D 3 1986-1993
  • Slisz, Richard A. Cheektowaga D 4/8 1974-1987
  • Swanick, Charles M. Town of Tonawanda R 12/10 1980-2005
  • Wojtkowiak, Bernard Cheektowaga D 8 1988

Press Secretary who served in the 1980s

Source Previous Serving

Erie County Legislature 1980—1989


Political party
Erie County, NY
Local Law No. 1
A vacancy in an elective office other than as a result of expiration shall be filled following new required criteria. The political party in office must be retained.


Garnished wages
Erie County, NY
Local Law No. 4
Authorizes direct deposit of county employees payroll deductions.


Drug paraphernalia
Erie County, NY
Local Law No. 2
Amends Local Law 4-1980 in order to maintain consistency with state and federal law regarding possession, manufacture, and sale of drug paraphernalia.


Small business
Erie County, NY
Local Law No. 1
Requires minority business utilization commitment by persons or firms contracting with Erie County.


Personal privacy
Erie County, NY
Local Law No. 7
Implementation of New York State Personal Privacy Protection Law.


Record disclosures
Erie County, NY
Local Law No. 4 Requires the director of budget and management to provide records of all transactions to the comptroller.


County hospital assets
Erie County, NY
Local Law No. 2
Requires a two-thirds vote by the county legislature to lease, sell, convey ore otherwise grant possession of the county hospital to any party approved by the legislature.


Women’s rights
Erie County, NY
Local Law No. 3
Establishes and outlines the duties of the Erie County Commission on the Status of Women.


Parks and recreation
Erie County, NY
Local Law No. 5
Prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Como Park during the months of September through June, with regulations set for the remaining months as to where and whom consumption may take place.


Official powers
Erie County, NY
Local Law No. 9
Create the Erie County Home and provides for the powers and duties of the commissioner thereof.