A predictive portrait of Michael Jackson, produced back in the 80s

Alternate Michael Jackson is a dreamy Michael Jackson that lives on an alternate timeline.


On our present timeline, Billy Dee Williams found the DeLorean in his old age. Now, Williams has YT-1300 light freighter experience, so it wasn't difficult for him to operate the DeLorean. It took him to April 1988. Before Jackson underwent extreme carving knives, the prescription cocktails, and the Mystery Ranch—Billy Dee found Michael. Billy Dee stopped Jackson from signing into Neverland, which was scheduled around April 1988. Most significantly, Billy Dee helped Michael Jackson to look at the black man in the mirror.

Stacey and


Alternate timeline

In this alternate timeline, Jackson is a part owner with Disney where they expand the Universes of Captain EO (1986) and Moonwalker (1988). Here, Neverland Ranch does not exist. Jackson marries Stacey Dash, and they live happily ever after in San Diego.

Only Billy Dee Williams has the force to make an Alternate Michael Jackson.

Doc explains everything about alternate timelines



Michael Jackson (I Can't help it) Raw footage (Rare)

Jackson in his most happiest moment





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